5 Relationship Types to Avoid

5 Relationship Types to Avoid

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If you’re beginning to question your sense of self and wondering who you are, it may be as a result of the relationship you’re in. If you’ve left a relationship and have no idea of how to behave now that you’re out of it, there’s a good chance that you were stuck in one of these relationships.

All relationships have their moments. What healthy relationships allow us to do is slam doors occasionally, and for it not to be the end of the world.

When you’re in a toxic relationship and you’re treading on eggshells and too scared to say something in case you’re ridiculed/ignored/berated, then that’s an entirely different matter. You know when you leave these relationships that there’s the initial sigh of relief, and then we start to wonder. “What am I supposed to do now?” https://truth.best/news/what-you-need-to-know-about-7-types-of-relationships/

Here are 5 types of relationship to avoid and to understand. If your personality is being subsumed by that of your partner, or was controlled by them before you left, then it’s time to look at you and what you need.

1. The carrot-dangler

This relationship is awful. The perpetrator keeps you on your toes, waiting for a few crumbs from the master’s table. They tell you things like, “in the future, maybe we could do xyz together.” The day for that to happen never comes. They know exactly what they’re doing; they’re controlling you from a distance, playing puppet master while you hope for the best. They constantly disappoint you, and then redeem themselves unexpectedly so that the cycle starts all over again. They’ve got you, hook line and sinker, and have no intention of letting you go.


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