Filtration of industrial oil

Filtration of industrial oil

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Filtration of industrial oil prolongs the life of the oil and equipment, and also allows you to save money. But let’s first understand what industrial oils are? They include a fairly large group of petroleum products used in industry to lubricate the friction units of process equipment. Operational properties depend on their hydrocarbon composition or the content of functional additives used to impart certain characteristics to the oil product.


For the production of industrial oils are usually used oil fractions, boiling away at temperatures above 350ºC. They contain high-molecular compounds of oil, which are, in essence, a mixture of hydrocarbons of various groups and their derivatives.


The modern technology market offers a large selection of various Oil Filration methods. Such an approach to used industrial oil is cost-effective, since it allows you to save valuable raw materials.


Purification is the process of filtering and drying industrial oils. Often it is one of the components of the whole process of regeneration: the complete restoration of the working functions of the oil, with the removal of dissolved acids, ketones, aldehydes and other harmful substances from it.


Special equipment for purification and regeneration of industrial oils follows the sequence of implementation of the methods and procedures:


  • Mechanical method: extraction of water and solid impurities from oil (filtration, separation, settling, washing with water);
  • Thermophysical method: evaporation, vacuum distillation;
  • Physico-chemical method: coagulation or adsorption;
  • The chemical method is used in case of failure of the first three: sulfuric acid or alkaline cleaning (these procedures require more sophisticated equipment).


GlobeCore is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for cleaning industrial, transformer, turbine and other types of oils.


Secondary filtration stations of the type of the СFU allow the removal of mechanical impurities, carbon black, free and part of dissolved water, as well as water-soluble acids and alkalis from industrial oils. This equipment has a compact size and is quite mobile, so that it can be used in places of direct operation of petroleum products.


The desired degree of purification is ensured in just one cycle of the installation. The simplicity of the design and operation allows not to impose high requirements on the qualifications of the staff.

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