Selecting a Diesel Tuning Chip (ECU Remap) Or Diesel Tuning Field

Selecting a Diesel Tuning Chip (ECU Remap) Or Diesel Tuning Field

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Should you learn automobile tuning magazines, browse on-line boards or discuss to different automobile fans and point out diesel tuning bins or diesel tuning chips (ECU remaps), you’ll usually discover that individuals have very totally different opinions.

Some individuals will categorically state tuning field can by no means present the identical efficiency enhancement as a diesel tuning chip or ECU remap. Others will say that each choices will harm the engine, whereas some fans will promote the actual model of field they’ve put in.

To be clear, we’re speaking concerning the costlier tuning choices, which offer a whole tuning map, and never people who merely ‘idiot’ the engine into considering it is colder than it truly is and supplying a richer gas combine. This text will listing the similarities and variations between exterior diesel tuning bins and diesel tuning chips or ECU remaps.

Set up

A diesel tuning field may be put in by anybody with fundamental expertise. The Speedhawk bins solely want a single cable to be hooked up to the automobile, though another makes want further wiring. You do have to discover a smart location for it to be mounted within the engine bay – most are across the measurement of a deck of playing cards as much as round twice that measurement. They must be mounted in a location away from important warmth, water or electrical interference.

Diesel Tuning Chips or ECU Remaps usually must be carried out by a specialist in a workshop, though cellular companies additionally exist. As they’re normally altering the programming of the present ECU chip, they take no further house within the engine and no consideration must be given to location or wiring. ECU remaps require the chip to get replaced, which is generally a specialist operation. 顶速程序


A correctly fitted diesel tuning field and a remapped diesel chip will present very related efficiency good points. There are some variations between totally different suppliers relying on how far the engine is tuned. Even vehicles of the identical make and mannequin can obtain totally different outcomes, relying on the situation of the engine.

Bins will include a number of pre-installed tuning maps. These should be particularly for the engine they are going to be put in on to. One benefit to tuning bins is the flexibility to change between the a number of maps with out returning to the workshop.

Diesel Chip Tuning will usually solely enable a single new tuning map to be put in. This can usually be a tuning map designed to your make and mannequin of automobile. A few of the costlier tuning companies will take a look at your automobile on a rolling highway to verify and additional modify the tuning map. This must be completed in a full workshop with dyno services. If you have to make adjustments to the tuning map, this may must be completed within the workshop.

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