The Extraordinary Properties and Advantages of Tungsten Carbide

The Extraordinary Properties and Advantages of Tungsten Carbide

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Due to its distinctive properties, tungsten carbide has, in recent times, emerged because the superior different to metal for a lot of industrial purposes. TC is a ceramic materials composed of roughly a 1:1 ratio of tungsten and carbon atoms. For sensible purposes it’s alloyed with >6% of a softer metallic, normally cobalt.


Power – TC carbide has very excessive power for a cloth so exhausting and inflexible. Compressive power is increased than nearly all melted and forged or cast metals and alloys.

Rigidity – Compositions vary from two to 3 instances as inflexible as metal and 4 to 6 instances as inflexible as forged iron and brass. Younger’s Modulus is as much as 94,800,000 psi.

Warmth Resistance – Excessive resistance to deformation and deflection may be very useful in these many purposes the place a mixture of minimal deflection and good final power deserves first consideration. These embody spindles for precision grinding and rolls for strip or sheet metallic tungsten carbide.

Impression Resistant – For such a tough materials with very excessive rigidity, the affect resistance is excessive. It’s within the vary of hardened instrument steels of decrease hardness and compressive power.

Warmth and oxidation resistance – Tungsten-base carbides carry out effectively as much as about 1000°F in oxidizing atmospheres and to 1500°F in non-oxidizing atmospheres

Low temperature resistance (cryogenic properties) – TC retains toughness and affect power within the cryogenic temperature ranges. (-453°F.)

Thermal Conductivity – TC is within the vary of twice that of instrument metal and carbon metal.

Electrical Conductivity – Tungsten carbide is in the identical vary as instrument metal and carbon metal.

Specified Warmth – TC ranges from about 50% to 70% as excessive as carbon metal.

Weight – The particular gravity is from 1-1/2 to 2 instances that of carbon metal.

Scorching Hardness – When temperature enhance to 1400°F, tungsten carbide retains a lot of its room temperature hardness. At 1400°F, some grades equal the hardness of steels at room temperature.

Tolerances – Many surfaces of even full elements can be utilized the way in which they arrive from the furnace, “as sintered”, resembling mining or drilling compacts. In these elements requiring precision floor accuracy, resembling stamping dies, close-tolerance preforms are supplied for grinding or EDM.

Strategies of Fastening – TC could be fixed to different supplies by any of three strategies; brazing, epoxy cementing, or mechanical means. Its low thermal enlargement fee have to be rigorously thought-about when preforms are supplied for grinding or EDM.

Coefficient of Friction – TC compositions exhibit low dry coefficient of friction values as in comparison with steels.- Galling – TC compositions have distinctive resistance to galling and welding on the floor.

Corrosion-Put on Resistance – Particular grades can be found with corrosion resistance approaching that of noble metals. Typical grades have ample resistance to corrosion-wear situations for a lot of purposes.

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